Sasquatch Longbow

This design is a one piece bow that is available in 58" and 60" lengths. Each bow is custom built to fit the owners needs. The grips are shaped to fit the archers hand and shooting style using a hand tracing. I also have an option of a very detailed fitting to include finger grooves, where a clay model of the archers hand is used.

The smooth draw and performance is adjusted to the individuals draw length using advanced technology in the construction of the limbs. These are truly custom made bows. The low string angle eliminates finger pinch, and they are absolutely "dead in the hand".

The location of the forward grip, makes this bow very forgiving to shoot at comfortable brace heights, with out loosing the performance that is typically lost in a heavily deflexed riser. This one is a fast, hard hitting bow that "Shoots where you point".

The story behind the name ...

This first bow was designed and built using a solid black walnut riser. During the course of the project, I decided to "Foot" the riser by using some curly maple in the grip portion....It was a "Big Footing" too.... well this led to naming this design the "Sasquatch". " Big Foot Bows" seemed like it fit very well.

This design is what I call a true "Hybrid" long bow. Don't let the radical reflex deflex, and the forward grip location fool you here, this is not a recurve bow at all. The technical determination of a recurve, vs a R/D long bow,(reflex /deflex) is how the string lays on the limb at brace height. When braced at recommended brace height, this bow is technically considered a R/D Long bow, with the looks and feel of a recurve bow.

The other factor that makes this bow unique, is the deep core, narrow limb design you typically find in a more traditional looking long bow. The energy storing capacity of the reflex/deflex design, combined with these deep core limbs, makes this bow very high in performance. This ultra light weight one piece bow is dead in the hand, and incredibly forgiving to shoot.

Sasquatch 001

Sasquatch 002

Sasquatch 003

This bow is a 58" model and was custom built for a lady that goes by the nickname of "Humming Bird" This ultra light weight bow only weighs in at 25@26", but still shoots a 400 grain arrow with authority. The wood is Black walnut with Maple accents.

Sasquatch 004

This is a 60" model built with Curly Maple and black walnut accents. This one was custom built for "Dragon Rider", and a bit of art work was added to the riser to personalize it.

Sasquatch 005

This is another left handed 60" model. Like the "Humming Bird" Sasquatch 003 shown above, we have a Black walnut burl riser, with Maple accents. Sorry for not getting better photos of this bow.